Hobbyist Media Code Of Ethics

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Hello, all. If you’ve been following The Thoughtful Gamer for a while you probably know that I’ve bought up the issue of publishers paying for reviews a few times, and I’m still kind of astounded at the ways this discussion … Continued

Dr. Esker’s Notebook Review

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In my review of Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb I speculated about the naming ritual of calling such a puzzle game an “escape room”, it lacking what would seem to be the key criterion of escaping a room. Sure, there’s some … Continued

Crusaders Review

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How can I talk about Crusaders without discussing the theme? The Crusades are a deeply uncomfortable part of western history and while I’m fairly ignorant about much of that period, the combination of religious zealotry and state power seen there … Continued

Welcome To 2-Player Game Month!

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Abstract month got pushed back a bit, and you’ll still see some remnants from that into February (like this afternoon’s podcast!), but starting with yesterday’s review of Fry Thief, the rest of February will focus (mostly) on small 2-player games. … Continued

Welcome To Abstract Month!

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For 2019 I’ve decided to implement one major change for The Thoughtful Gamer. We’re doing themed months! January will focus on abstract games, and while everything isn’t set in stone, I will certainly be reviewing Tak and Santorini. I’ll also … Continued

T-Shirts Available!

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As you can probably tell, I’m not much of a graphic designer or someone who has any eye for that kind of visual, but I’ve been wanting to make T-Shirts available in case anyone out there has wanted to rep … Continued

Surprise Stream! Netrunner

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Netrunner may be now officially dead from a corporate perspective, but it’s still alive in our hearts. If there’s anything the game’s taught us it’s to ignore the wishes of corporations and fight against their agendas anyways. So, Orion and … Continued