Brand Update!

I’ve got a new logo! The original logo was acquired on the cheap and I always knew that I would want to update it. So a few months ago I found a graphic designer to work on a new one, and I could not be more pleased. We tried some more elaborate designs, but he threw out this hexagonal thought bubble design almost as an aside and nothing else was able to match it. The simplest design is typically the best and that proved to be true here. I’m keeping it black for the site, but I have some other ideas for utilizing colors in the future. In addition to the logo, we’ve got…

A sleeker site look! I actually enjoyed thinking more like a graphic designer, even though that’s not my skillset at all, to try to make a more attractive looking website. Big props to Elementor Pro, which was dummy-proof for even me. If anyone finds anything that isn’t working, please let me know via the new contact form.

If you want to support The Thoughtful Gamer, you can still do that via Patreon or Ko-fi. But now you can also grab a shirt with the new logo over at redbubble. I only have T-shirts available right now but if anyone wants the logo on something different, like….a mug? I don’t know. Just let me know and I’ll work on making that available.

Finally, The Thoughtful Gamer is now on Instagram because I was told that’s where all the cool people are. I promise I won’t forget about the little people when I become an elite influencer on “the gram”. What a time to be alive.

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