Dominion Review Classic

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This week at The Thoughtful Gamer we’re celebrating what I would say is unequivocally a modern classic in board gaming–Dominion. Below is my review of the game. Tomorrow we’ll have mini-reviews of each individual expansion. Wednesday we have a massive … Continued

A Dog’s Life Review Dog Days

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Ben Franklin said, apocryphally, that “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. As much as I enjoy beer, I think dogs might be the ultimate proof. What other creature is so boundlessly happy, loyal, … Continued

Outpost: Siberia Review A Cold, Bitter Death

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Co-op games have become very popular in the modern boardgaming hobby. Pandemic in particular was a huge success and has contributed to the growing popularity of boardgaming generally. The problem with co-op games is that they’re almost always essentially solo … Continued

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