Welcome To Abstract Month!

For 2019 I’ve decided to implement one major change for The Thoughtful Gamer. We’re doing themed months! January will focus on abstract games, and while everything isn’t set in stone, I will certainly be reviewing Tak and Santorini. I’ll also be talking with Orion about basic Chess strategy. We’ll probably try to get a couple of livestreams in there as well, and a podcast on the topic.

Not everything in January will be about abstract games (in fact, there’s a non-abstract review going up tomorrow), but I really want to dive into these often underappreciated games in the hobby space and see what makes them tick. I think it’ll be somewhat of a challenge for me, as I can’t necessarily fall back on talking about theme or narrative. It’ll sharpen my ability to communicate the precise mechanistic elements that make a game compelling or dull. I hope you like it!

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