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I have been blessed with some amazing supporters. We’ve created what I would selfishly describe as a rad little community. And I think I’ve just made being part of that community a little bit more enticing with some really awesome, new and improved supporter rewards! I’ll post a quick and dirty summary below, but I talk more about it, and a bit what it’s like to be someone who writes on the internet, in this week’s podcast.

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Here’s the rundown:

At all levels, the following have been added on top of what we’ve already got (like access to our Discord channel and live-streams of the podcast):

-Monthly newsletter exclusive to patreon supporters. I’ll post some film reviews, talk about what books I’ve been reading, and whatever else I’ve found interesting over the last 30 days.

-First access to my “sale list”. You can claim whatever games you want from the list of games I want to get rid of. Pay only the cost of shipping.

At $5 and up, this has been added:

-Designer Diary early access. See what changes, updates, and conundrums I’ve encountered in my various game design projects before anyone else.

And there are three new goals with some cool rewards in and of themselves!

At $100: This will let me make some modest improvements to my podcasting equipment. But, more excitingly, it will unlock for you all….QUARTERLY GIVEAWAYS! I’ll hand-select a couple of my favorite games that I’ve played the previous quarter and the winner will get to pick one of them. I’ll alternate between equal-odds giveaways and weighted-odds giveaways based on support level.

At $200: I’ll feel comfortable getting a bigger upgrade I’ve been considering–probably a better camera for recording and streaming or a dedicated laptop. You all will get a patron-exclusive stream of us playing silly games, including the dreaded Bananagrams. Watch everyone else have fun and me beat my head into the table in frustration!

At $500: I’ll definitely be making it to Essen where I’ll cover all of the hot new European games releases. I’ll also pick another major Con to attend and cover here in the states. For you all, this bumps the giveaways from quarterly to monthly. So many giveaways! I’ll basically turn into board game Oprah.


There you have it. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing here at The Thoughtful Gamer, consider supporting and getting in on those rewards. If you can’t afford that but still want to help out, that’s fine! The best thing you can do is tell people about us on social media and keep being awesome readers, listeners, and viewers.


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