Welcome To 2-Player Game Month!

Abstract month got pushed back a bit, and you’ll still see some remnants from that into February (like this afternoon’s podcast!), but starting with yesterday’s review of Fry Thief, the rest of February will focus (mostly) on small 2-player games. Honestly, I could do two or three months on this genre as there are so many games (and so many great ones!) out there for two players.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of comparisons we can make between the 2-player abstracts we’ve played and discussed in January and the more modern designs we’ll be playing this month. Obviously there will be a number of similarities, as the 2 player count changes any game the most significantly. But is there something about the abstract game feeling that is lost when you move to, say, a 2 player card game? Is anything gained?

Some of the games I’ll be playing/talking about/reviewing: Innovation, Hanamikoji, Fog of Love, Lost Cities, Jaipur, Targi. Hopefully more!

I’m sticking with smaller games that are either 2 player exclusive or absolutely best at 2 players (like Innovation), if only to limit the scope a bit.

Do you have any favorites I haven’t mentioned? What might I consider if we revisit this topic later in the year?

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To 2-Player Game Month!”

  1. Race for the Galaxy, which is my favourite. Innovation and Splendor are my girlfriend and I’s latest obsession. Mottainai is good too, as multi-use cards is clearly a mechanism we quite enjoy. En Garde by Dr. Knizia is a quite thematic little bluffing card game if you are into that.

    If you include bigger games, non-card games or games that also work with different player counts, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Fields of Arle, Le Harve, Agricola, Trajan, The Castles of Burgundy, Dominion, Keyflower, Azul, and many more. I only play games with my girlfriend and very occasionally solo.

    1. Fantastic list! Innovation and maybe Mottainai will be covered this month. I’ve already reviewed Splendor and Race for the Galaxy’s dice sibling. I’ve heard good things about En Garde, but be on the lookout for a later month being more Knizia-centric.

      Fields of Arle is the Uwe game that only goes up to 2p, right? I might have to see if I can get a play in this month…

      1. Yes, Fields of Arle is the solo/2P worker placement game from Uwe, though an expansion released last year allows player count to up to 3 I think. I just love this sandbox game. Hope you enjoy!

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