Podcast Bonus Episode: “The Mind” Liveplay

Here at The Thoughtful Gamer we’re no strangers to innovation. We look risk and uncertainty in their faces and say “what, that’s all you’ve got? I am unimpressed.” Some may argue that audio is not the medium for board gaming, and to those people I counter with this podcast: a state of the art uni-media experience straight from our thought-labs into your ear canals: a riveting liveplay of Wolfgang Warsch’s “The Mind”. It’s like you’re right there in the room. Because there was a mic right there in the room. That’s…that’s how mics work.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Bonus Episode: “The Mind” Liveplay”

    1. Hmmm, Pictomania perhaps, as to not distort the final product with ugliness like “words” or “coherence”.

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