Podcast Episode 93: Chillcast 4: Chill Again

It’s another chillcast, this time with Marc and Amber. It…well, it gets a bit silly. I’m sorry.

1:09 – Literally we talk about the weather
3:52 – Oceans
13:41 – Boardgames: The Board Game (The Card Game)
18:24 – The City
20:52 – Marc explains why Munchkin is no good
22:10 – Pulsar 2849
26:37 – Marc gets really into salad metaphors
29:46 – Dinosauria (but actually there’s more talk about Splendor)
32:06 – Yet another food metaphor
33:14 – What is the most chill game?
37:21 – Back to the weather and, like, geography. I’m so sorry
41:34 – Looped right back around to Dinosauria
43:42 – Bat Flip
45:06 – Why the designated hitter rule is an abomination (also I somehow forgot about the existence of Shohei Othani and that one’s on me)
53:00 – I mean it’s basically a baseball podcast now

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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