Podcast Episode 92: A Conversation with Austin Smokowicz about Robotech Reconstruction

Austin’s enthusiasm for Robotech Reconstruction is plain to see (hear?) in this podcast. As one half of the Dr. Wictz design team, he’s gone deep into the lore of this classic anime to create a fascinating game exploring its political and military settings. What emerges is a tense 90-120 minute asymmetric game clearly inspired by the COIN series but also distinct from it in service of the setting. Learn how he balanced a number of different tensions to design and sell this under-seen game.

0:56 – What is Robotech Reconstruction?
4:36 – A brief history of Robotech lore
23:26 – Turning the setting into game form
40:34 – Comparing Robotech Reconstruction and the COIN system
58:05 – Biggest design challenge
1:07:45 – The card trading mechanism
1:15:20 – The playtesting/promotion/preorder period
1:17:35 – The art

See more info and preorder here: https://strangemachinegames.com/robotech-reconstruction/

Dr. Wictz site: https://dr.wictz.com/

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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