Podcast Episode 90: Card and Dice Poll Discussion

Marc sits down with Erik Twice, Ryan LaFlamme, and Andrew Holmes to ask each of them about their approaching to selecting their 10 greatest board games of all time. 

3:21 – Erik Twice’s approach to selecting his top 10
7:41 – Why Netrunner?
12:27 – Why Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective?
17:57 – Erik’s predictions
25:08 – Cosmic Encounter as board game comedy
34:48 – Erik’s thoughts on the top 10
45:01 – Ryan LaFlamme’s approach to selecting his top 10
49:28 – Why Triomphe?
53:42 – Why Agricola?
56:29 – Why Monopoly?
1:00:35 – Ryan’s predictions
1:01:59 – Ryan’s thoughts on the top 10
1:10:47 – Andrew Holmes’ approach to selecting his top 10
1:16:41 – Why Whist?
1:22:37 – Why Gloomhaven?
1:29:32 – Andrew’s thoughts on the top 10

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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