Podcast Episode 87: A Conversation with James Naylor

I sit down with James to talk about his excellent debut game, Magnate: The First City, as well as his next project, cleverly titled Boardgames: The Board Game (The Card Game), and his podcast called Producing Fun. Magnate is such a bold and interesting first design and I’m completely on board for whatever he makes down the road. 

1:07 — James’ start in board games
4:57 — Starting to design
8:19 — Creating Magnate: The First City
13:20 — Developing the “crash” mechanism in Magnate
19:21 — Different styles of eurogame
24:01 — Advanced vs basic rules in Magnate
31:38 — First time game publishing experience
35:03 — Boardgames: The Board Game (The Card Game)
53:32 — Adapting a theme to a set of mechanisms
56:35 — Art strategy
1:00:33 — Future Naylor Games projects
1:07:32 — The Producing Fun podcast
1:11:38 — Comparing the state of games to film history
1:22:25 — Marc once again floats his pet mechanism by a podcast guest

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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