Podcast Episode 84: Golf, Disc Golf, and Course Design

Marc and Bubba sit down to discuss two different forms of golf. They’re still games, just on a larger scale. What makes them compelling as games, and what kinds of lessons can we learn about board games by looking at the history and development of course design?

1:18 — Difference between a sport and a game
2:59 — What is disc golf?
4:27 — Our histories with the sports
12:19 — Classifying golf and disc golf as games
15:57 — The appeal of mastery over a difficult game
20:30 — How will disc golf change in the near future?
24:02 — Course design
25:26 — The penal school of design
29:19 — The strategic school of design
33:20 — The strategic nature of par 4’s
45:07 — Designing around unorthodox throws in disc golf
49:15 — Risk/reward, or push-your-luck
51:53 — The heroic school of design
56:15 — How should disc golf course design evolve and improve?
1:08:36 — Applying these lessons to board game design
1:26:24 — Which sport is best?

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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