Podcast Episode 82: Reiner Knizia

Amber and Marc are here to talk about perhaps the most prolific board game designer of all time: Reiner Knizia. Going strong since the early 90’s, Knizia is a master of making a game no more complex than needed. His games are straightforward and clear–something we see less and less of. Weirdly, this episode is not straightforward, with some truly odd tangents and rants.

1:50 — Knizia’s reputation (and many tangents and rants)
20:24 — Lost Cities
25:46 — Battle Line
27:42 — The Quest for El Dorado
28:49 — Through the Desert
29:13 — Medici: The Card Game
30:23 — Stephenson’s Rocket
32:20 — Babylonia
36:39 — Abstract isn’t the opposite of thematic
39:30 — My City
43:20 — Things get…weird
48:02 — Modern Art

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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