Podcast Episode 71: Best Games of 2019

The world’s gone crazy! Viruses roam the streets, Matt sounds like he’s turning into a robot, and computer gremlins are devouring random bits of podcast. But never fear, we at The Thoughtful Gamer are here to provide a perfectly sane, intelligent conversation about the best games of last year. We rag on a few stinkers too. Come! Escape the madness of the world and find respite with our soothing voices.

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Spoilers below.

2:53 – Wavelength Diversion
5:24 – Board gaming in a pandemic
15:55 – Suspense building before the list
16:54 – Honorable “reprint” mention: Dune
22:13 – What is “up”?
23:55 – More grade A suspense
25:22 – #10: Goat n Goat
29:32 – #9: Cooper Island
30:36 – Orion relays a cryptic message regarding a “theory”
31:26 – #8: Stay Cool
35:03 – #7: The Son of Doctor Esker’s Notebook
37:40 – A word about our sponsor: Engro Games
38:37 – #6: The Crew
46:30 – Best art of 2019
50:46 – Worst games of 2019
52:52 – Most disappointing game of 2019
54:17 – Most mediocre game of 2019
54:40 – Most ambitious but not quite successful game of 2019
58:50 – #5: Tiny Towns
1:04:14 – #4: Pax Pamir 2nd Edition
1:09:44 – #3: Caylus 1303
1:11:52 – #2: Pipeline
1:18:22 – #1: Pax Transhumanity
1:25:00 – Tragedy strikes and a hero emerges

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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