Podcast Episode 67: A Conversation With Patrick Rauland About Game Creation

In this episode I sit down with Patrick Rauland, designer of Fry Thief and creator of the Indie Board Game Designers podcast to talk about the process of creating games. What are the best practices that successful people use? How do you avoid burnout? What does Patrick have planned for his future designs?

This podcast is sponsored by Engro Games, who are running a kickstarter right now for two microgames: Reach and Okazaki. Find more information here.

1:27 – Fry Thief and creating a game in a year
5:48 – Designing with constraints
9:58 – Lessons learned from the Indie Board Game Designers podcast
14:29 – Iteration and quantity
22:23 – Memory and note-taking
30:13 – Level of industry “literacy” among new game creators
33:57 – Marketing tools and strategies
42:20 – Patrick’s future game publishing plans
47:10 – Patrick’s design tendencies/patterns
49:18 – Overcoming burnout

See more of Patrick’s work at https://indieboardgamedesigners.com/ and https://laidback.games/

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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