Bonus Podcast! Theros: Beyond Death Set Analysis (for Limited)

Matt and Marc sit down to discuss the new Magic: The Gathering set, focusing on limited formats (ie the best formats). Which colors looks the best? What kind of new stuff does Theros: Beyond Death bring? Why are there so many enchantments? Let us know what you think about this podcast and maybe we’ll continue doing something similar for each new set!

0:39 – Why evaluate a draft set?
4:55 – Set overview
14:48 – “Signpost” uncommons
29:13 – White
37:06 – Blue
45:32 – Black
55:10 – Red
1:00:57 – Green
1:08:39 – Artifacts/Lands
1:10:53 – Marc’s top mythics
1:15:05 – Final impressions

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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