Podcast Episode 63: A Conversation With Ben Maddox

Five Games for Doomsday quickly established itself as one of the premier board game podcasts. In it, Ben Maddox interviews people from all parts of the board game world with incisive questions, illuminating who they are as people. I sat down with Ben to talk a bit about his work with the podcast and a lot about board game reviewing. What is the role of the reviewer? What are our approaches to analyzing a game? What does objectivity mean, anyway?

Find more about Ben here.

2:08 – Ben’s history with podcasting
6:00 – Five Games For Doomsday
11:57 – The role of the reviewer
16:15 – Reviewing structure
23:48 – Objectivity
30:23 – Civilization games and value
35:26 – Game reviewers we like
38:43 – Why negative reviews are necessary
49:03 – Ben’s approach to writing a review
55:47 – Concluding thoughts

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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