Podcast Episode 62: PAX Unplugged 2019

It’s that magical time of the year when we go to PAX Unplugged and revel in beautiful wonderful games, both new and old! We talk about a lot of them here, and we barely cover half of what we saw. But don’t worry, there’s time to scrutinize Matt’s odd perspectives on Magic drafting and bask in the gastronomical wonder that is barbacoa.

1:26 – Impressions of the convention
9:47 – Expo Hall adventures
10:19 – War Room
14:21 – Frosthaven
17:58 – Overbattle
21:29 – Sniper Elite
24:52 – KLASK
28:03 – Foodies
30:26 – Sabotage
37:57 – Namiji
39:39 – Detective Club
42:02 – For Sale
43:02 – Goat n Goat
46:49 – Crystal Palace
51:07 – Tokyo Highway
54:41 – Irish Gauge
55:40 – Flamme Rouge
56:24 – Stay Cool
57:48 – MtG drafting
1:05:40 – South Philly Barbacoa
1:07:51 – Final Impressions
1:10:01 – Weave! (almost forgot)

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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