Podcast Episode 60: Trading Games

We just finished a game of Trade on the Tigris and decided to sit around a microphone and talk about trading games. Marc, Matt, Lindsay, Amber, and Ben lend their thoughts to this exciting, but challenging genre of game. What is a trading game? Why is Matt insane to think Catan isn’t one? What kind of challenges face someone trying to design one? Which one do we think does trading best? Find out!

3:26 – Marc tells a story about middle-schoolers and epistemological horror
5:46 – Board games are first mentioned
7:15 – What is a trading game?
14:47 – Characteristics of trade
19:03 – Creating different valuations
27:45 – Double coincidence of wants
32:48 – Deception and risk analysis in Trade on the Tigris
41:48 – The “single winner” problem
49:43 – An aside on economic notions of value and profit
52:52 – The length problem
58:18 – The uncertainty of value problem
1:02:55 – The aggressiveness problem
1:06:38 – The “trade dominates the game” problem
1:12:22 – Pie

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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