Podcast Episode 57: How Do You Critique A Party Game?

This is less an episode about party games than it is about the nature of criticism. Marc, Matt, and Ben sit down (around a single mic, old-school style) and talk about what features contribute to the classification of “party game”, and Marc throws out some ideas he had while he was laying in bed trying to sleep. If criticism is not about trying to predict what people will generally like, and if being generally likable is a valuable thing for a party game to have, does criticism of a party game look different? There’s also some nonsense and buffoonery in there. The usual.

0:00 – Something about prime numbers and hockey
3:35 – What is a party game?
15:06 – The critical dilemma
26:01 – Some ruminations on the party games we’ve played
32:03 – Marc’s response to the critical dilemma

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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