Podcast Episode 54: Vital Lacerda

Vital Lacerda is one of the most significant eurogame designers of the last decade, delivering consistently high quality complex games others can rarely match. In this episode Orion and Marc go through each of Lacerda’s games chronologically, evaluating them individually and as part of a larger body of work. What design aspects stand out as particularly “Lacerdian”? What trends have emerged in recent games, and what do we predict for the future?

2:48 – Vinhos
17:33 – CO2
27:34 – Kanban
33:56 – The Gallerist
48:40 – Lisboa
55:50 – Escape Plan
1:07:56 – Tangent about some sci-fi book
1:13:00 – Design consistencies

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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1 thought on “Podcast Episode 54: Vital Lacerda”

  1. some feedback for you:
    get some echo or reverb happening in this episode (54). I downloaded, listened to with Bose Noise-canceling over-ear with analog connection. It’s intermittent but noticeable through out. Try 55:00-60:00 to recreate. gl

    thx for the ep. I appreciate your site.

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