Podcast Episode 52: A Journey Into 18xx

We’ve finally taken the plunge into 18xx train games, and guess what? They’re awesome! Marc and Orion talk about what makes a game an 18xx game, what the appeal is, and some of their favorite experiences yet.

1:14 – It’s not that intimidating, we promise
3:07 – Overview and history of 18xx
7:04 – Fundamental principles of 18xx
14:24 – Brutal indirect conflict
17:51 – Two design philosophies/emphases in different 18xx games — operational and financial
27:19 – Why having friends is good
28:32 – Emergent strategic exploration
35:48 – 18xx as narrative-creating experiences
50:08 – Barriers to getting into 18xx
57:16 – Amina the cat voices her opinions

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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