Book Discussion: The Three Body Problem Part 3: Death’s End

We’re back talking about books! After navigating schedules, we’ve finally managed to reconvene to talk about the third and final installment of the Three Body Problem series: Death’s End. The scope of this book is truly immense, even as the main themes distill and come to a head. Remember, there are full spoilers here, so we recommend you read these fantastic books first.

1:41 – An unusual beginning
9:22 – The swordholder and the male/female metaphor
16:24 – Post-deterrence and 4D chess
21:42 – Fairy tales
25:44 – c
28:48 – Bunkering down
32:24 – The museum
34:21 – The final decision
42:08 – Circling back to the beginning

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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