Book Discussion: The Three Body Problem Part 1

Join Marc, Matt, and Orion as they discuss a truly wonderful sci-fi series: The Three Body Problem. Here they discuss the first of this trilogy, looking at memorable moments and thematic elements of interest. A lot of what we find here will carry over into the broader second and third installments.

2:15 – Pre-spoilers: should you read this book?
9:14 – Spoilers ahoy!
9:48 – The “three body problem” in physics
12:39 – Cultural revolution and science in society
15:17 – Two great early scenes
21:56 – The VR game
23:03 – Okay, we’re spoiling everything, for reals, now
27:35 – Underestimating scope and human scrappiness
32:34 – Tripwires and pessimism

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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