Podcast Episode 44: Aesthetics

Marc, Matt, and Orion, three people who typically don’t care very much about the look of the games they’re playing talk about the games that do have remarkable visuals and design. What games’ aesthetics are so good or so bad that they affect our rating of them? What is it about those games that make them truly stand out? Also we talk about buckets.

6:08 – We stop talking about sports
8:43 – Ryan Laukat’s games – selling the setting
12:53 – Forbidden Desert/Sky – the toy factor
18:47 – Rising Sun and Lacerda – abundance of detail
25:54 – Wingspan and Stonemaier
27:20 – Fog of Love, Tokaido, and others – clean looks
31:29 – Go and Chess – the look of history and myth
35:35 – Orion talks about buckets
45:18 – Our top games where the aesthetics significantly improve our rating of the game
1:04:47 – The wargame aesthetic
1:06:08 – Games we want to get a deluxe remake
1:10:17 – Lamenting about the lack of tangents in the conversation, which is in and of itself a tangent

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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