Podcast Episode 31: Hindered Communication Games

Marc, Orion, and Matt talk about “hindered communication” games, where you’re trying to communicate something to another person with an arbitrary barrier in the way. Word association games like Taboo or Codenames are the most well-known types of these games, but we discover that the genre we kind of made up is a lot bigger than that.

Also in this episode, Marc pitches his million dollar invention idea, and everyone marvels over the word “algorithm”.

2:11 – Defining Our Terms

3:58 – The Classics

9:55 – The Apples To Apples Continuum

13:45 – Word Association Games

30:23 – Beyond Word Association

35:55 – Idea Association

46:04 – How These Games Succeed

1:03:08 – Oddities And The Hanabi Problem

1:15:31 – Metagaming

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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