Podcast Episode 18: PAX Unplugged

Marc, Matt, Orion, Ben, Wes, and Bubba reminisce about PAX Unplugged and all of the great games they played and great times they had. I promise we didn’t record this in a tunnel. There are no technical mistakes, only happy accidents.

3:40 – Star Realms

8:54 – Expo Hall Experiences

22:46 – SEPTA

24:55 – Bushido

29:32 – Ethnos

35:11 – Exceed Card Game

39:33 – Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

49:37 – Keyflower

57:20 – Megagame Funtimes

1:19:03 – Imperial Settlers

1:20:56 – The time I almost said hi to Geoff Engelstein but then didn’t

1:24:07 – PAX Unplugged Keynote

1:28:47 – Cheesesteaks

1:33:07 – Fog of Love

1:43:25 – Downforce

1:48:15 – Mechs vs. Minions

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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