Podcast Episode 16: Dominion Top 10 Cards (Kind Of)

The pinnacle of Dominion week at The Thoughtful Gamer. Join Marc, Matt, Orion, Ben, and Bubba as we count down our collective favorite 10 dominion cards. Listen as we discover that our ranking methodology wasn’t the best, and resulted in people hating some of the top 10 cards. Also gain many valuable strategies for how to use the card Crossroads. Lots of other Dominion talk too.

3:08 – Favorite Dominion Memories

11:36 – Top 10 Cards

1:01:28 – Honorable Mentions

1:20:33 – Favorite Expansions

1:23:59 – Favorite Mechanisms

1:30:45 – Most Hated Cards

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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