Podcast Episode 14: A Conversation With Michael Heron From Meeple Like Us "Persistently Controversial" Indeed

In this episode, Michael and I confront the age-old question: how much of a podcast can be made up of tangents before the tangents become the subject of the podcast?

Also in this episode we talk about Meeple Like Us and issues of accessibility in board gaming, a bunch of random political things, our favorite games, gender representation, ethical choices in video games, the state of criticism and if it’s okay for publishers to pay reviewers for reviews, and….Nazis?

It was a wild ride, but a tremendously fun discussion.

0:00 – Accessibility

3:40 – Controversial parts of Meeple Like Us

9:47 – Limitations of internet platforms like Reddit and Twitter

15:02 – Working with publishers on accessibility

26:24 – Gender representation/random hotbed political topics

54:36 – Some of our favorite games

1:02:44 – Criticism in board gaming and publishers paying for reviews

1:28:57 – Ethical choices within video games and board games


Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction


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2 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Podcast Episode 14: A Conversation With Michael Heron From Meeple Like Us</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">"Persistently Controversial" Indeed</span>”

  1. There seems to be an interesting point made in this podcast, among other points, looking at the difference between exclusion and accessibility. I’m listening to this at 7am so haven’t quite got my head around the difference between the two but my tired mind latched onto this point and wouldn’t let go. Like any good conversation though, it was thought provoking.

  2. Thought provoking podcast. Very enjoyable and it’s what I’m looking for. I will add the RSS stream to my podcast program. Having been playing board games somewhat seriously from last few years, I’ve gone full circle and realized it’s always been about the people, not the game. I this podcast reaffirmed this to me, by talking about the culture which surrounds modern gaming.

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