Netrunner Week Bonus Post: Terminal Directive Starter Decks The Best Week Of The Year

Welcome to The Thoughful Gamer’s NETRUNNER WEEK!

Get excited people, because we’re dedicating an entire week to the best 2-player asymmetric cyberpunk hacking card game ever made. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Monday: Netrunner Review. Never heard of this game? Mildly interested? Wondering why I’m using both caps lock AND exclamation points?! Check in Monday for my review and get all of the sensual details of why I love this game so much.

Tuesday: Terminal Directive PodcastOrion and I discuss what makes Netrunner so special, and we get down and dirty discussing the newest deluxe/legacy expansion: Terminal Directive. Fantasy Flight designed this to be the “next step” after the core set, but is it the best purchase for those tepidly tip-toeing into the post-core set world? Listen and find out!

Thursday: Netrunner Strategy. Orion and I spill all of our top-secret strategy tips. Having a hard time building a deck? Not sure whether to click for cards or credits? Follow this guide and YOU TOO can go 3-3 at your local Netrunner Store Championship.

Literally Right Now: Terminal Directive Starter Decks. Orion and tried playing a game with the recommended decks from the back of the Terminal Directive rulebook and we barely survived to tell the tale. Save yourselves the agony and use our decks instead.

Steve Cambridge

Ayla “Bios” Rahim

Skorpios Defense Systems

Seidr Laboratories


Secure those cybernetic implants and purge all viruses, because Netrunner Week begins now!

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