Card and Dice Poll 2021

Travis Lopez – Critic


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10. 7 Wonders – A pioneer and still great!

09. Spy Club – Great for all ages, and always gives a great time.

08. Gizmos – My wife and I enjoy playing this any night we have the time.

07. Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! – THE best Tiny Epic game, and now with excellent components!

06. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – My favorite deck builder, and I don’t care HOW many side-eyes I get for stating that.

05. Century: Golem Edition – A game that plays wonderfully and looks amazing – what’s not to love?

04. Azul – My wife’s first love (board games-wise)…

03. Everdell – This one always impresses me every time I play.

02. My Little Scythe – I don’t feel the need to ever play its big sibling. This one is fantastic!

01. Valeria: Card Kingdoms – It is everything Machi Koro should have been and SO MUCH MORE.