Card and Dice Poll 2021

Katrina Demeanour – Critic


Instagram: @iplayred

Twitter: @IPlayRedGaming


Paladins of the West Kingdoms – engine building at it’s finest, great at all player counts!

Concordia – so elegant! Four page rule book for a mid weight Euro, love it!

Dominion – grand daddy of deck builders, quick, simple, great at all player counts

Village – killing off your family members seems harsh, but profitable! Unique mechanism

Scythe – Gorgeous! Can be played Euro style or with full on combat

7 Wonders – multiplayer but not a party game, simultaneous actions means still quick at higher player counts

Terraforming Mars – constantly evolving strategy depending on what cards you see, no two games are ever the same

Quacks of Quedlinburg – I love push your luck! Fun theme, variants keep it fresh

The Gallerist – love Vital Lacerda, simple – take one action a turn! bwahahaha

Hadrian’s Wall – Flip and Fill with teeth! Euro style, simultaneous play so no down time

Comments: My answers will be different tomorrow and I am sure I will wake up at 4am cursing myself for forgetting something truly great!