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Podcast Ads

We’re looking for people who are interested in advertising on The Thoughtful Gamer podcast. I have a dedicated listener base and we can discuss if your product or service is something they might be interested in. Rates will be based on industry standards.


I’ve done some professional voiceover work in the past, and I want to offer my talents to anyone looking for VO for a kickstarter project or game trailer. I’ve got good recording equipment, a good space in which to record, and I’ve been trained in (and currently teach) public speaking. Rate is $50/hr of recording/editing time with a $25 minimum.

“Final Look” Rulebook Editing

Are you about to send your rulebook to the printer but want to get another pair of eyes on it to spot any errors you missed? Not sure how well the rulebook flows or introduces information for those unfamiliar with the game? I’ll give your rulebook a final look with the purpose of polishing it up for final production.

As mentioned before, I’ve been trained in and teach speech and debate. I’ve been studying effective communication for over half of my life now, and I can use those skills to make your rulebook as effective as possible. 

The rate will also be $50/hr with a $25 minimum, or we can negotiate a set price dependent on the length of the text.


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