Anatomy Of A Deck: Sunny v1.0

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The news that Netrunner is going to be cancelled was kind of a blow to me. Fantasy Flight had just released the new core set. We were getting a new deluxe expansion, and the Kitara cycle had resulted in the … Continued

Kickstarter Curmudgeon: June

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The Kickstarter culture in board gaming has always felt a bit odd to me. I don’t avoid it completely. I’ve backed a couple of Red Raven games and the 2nd printing of Gloomhaven. But I’m not one of those people … Continued

Anxiety Review

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Anxiety? It sucks. 0/10. Do not recommend. Oh, wait, I’m reviewing the game called Anxiety here. That’s a different story. I first heard of this game from a thread on r/boardgames where the designer, David Libby, talked about how he … Continued

Gloomhaven And The Skinner Box

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As I mentioned in my first impression, Gloomhaven is remarkable not necessarily because it’s particularly innovative, but because it seems to do everything it wants to do better and more correctly than any other game in the genre. The cardplay … Continued

Onitama Review

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I find that modern board gamers tend to have a strange relationship with the classic abstract strategy games. By nearly any measure both Chess and Go are tremendously good games. They’re simple to learn and as strategically complex and deep … Continued