Please Write Better Rulebooks

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Dear Publishers, I grow weary. I’m tired of yelling in frustration at your rulebooks. I’m fully willing to admit that the problem is partially my fault–I’m reading more and more rulebooks as I play more new games for The Thoughtful … Continued

For The Love Of Board Games Preview

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I’ve reviewed a number of books on gaming and board games here at The Thoughtful Gamer, and even the ones I haven’t found particularly informative have been entertaining. It turns out that diving into a hobby makes you hunger for … Continued

Debate, Board Games, And Culture

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A number of events in the past few weeks have led to me sitting here, writing this post without quite knowing where it’s going to lead. I got to teach at 2 different debate camps, which was a simultaneously delightful … Continued

Eminent Domain Review

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More than any game I’ve played in recent memory, Eminent Domain truly feels like a game made for dedicated gamers. It’s not particularly complicated, it doesn’t take up a lot of table space, and it doesn’t require a group to … Continued

Desk-side Talks With Marc #15: This and That

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No particular agenda today. I talk about some new TTG developments, a book series recommendation, and some board game stuff. Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction Like the podcast? Want to watch it being recorded, live? Consider supporting it on Patreon.

Kickstarter Curmudgeon: August

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We’re in the dog days of August, and I guess that seasonal malaise affects board game marketing, because there were a surprising absence of interesting Kickstarter campaigns going on when I checked earlier today. But I dredged the depths and … Continued

Podcast Episode 37: VlaadaCast!

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How’d we get through 36 episodes without doing a deep-dive into the oeuvre of our favorite designer? This oversight has now been fixed, as Marc and Matt talk about every single game Vlaada Chvatil has ever made. 5:20 – Arena: … Continued