11:58 Preview

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Humanity is in crisis. Major governments of the world have combined into two superpowers: The Coalition, and The League. As these two regimes face off in an international staring match, crises spring up around the globe that threaten to spark … Continued

Podcast Episode 34: Elegance

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Marc and Orion talk about elegance in games. Is it a simple matter of rules complexity vs. strategic complexity? Or are there additional elements that go into our conception of elegance? What kinds of games tend to be more elegance, … Continued

I Was On A Podcast

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It was not my own podcast (that’s tomorrow). But rather the delightful “We’re Not Wizards” podcast, which was truly an all-around fun time. I do not remember most of it, as I departed on a cross-country flight only a couple … Continued

Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds Review

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Late-stage prototype pictured below. Art is final; graphic design isn’t. Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds will be on Kickstarter in the first half of July. Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds. It’s the kind of schlocky, B-movie premise that tempts less scrupulous critics … Continued

Supertall First Impression

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The Supertall Kickstarter is online until 6/30 Straight off their rousing success with Sprawlopolis, a genuinely great cooperative puzzle game, Button Shy is now kickstarting Supertall, a game of strategically building up skyscrapers and card manipulation. Like all of their … Continued