Podcast Episode 13: Co-operative Games

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(Apologies for the audio quality. I’m investigating what went wrong.) Marc, Matt, and Orion discuss what makes co-op games unique, what problems can show up in the design, and how games overcome those problems. Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction   … Continued

Game Table Build

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Hi Everyone, Marc is on vacation this weekend so here’s a guest post I put together recapping the process of building a custom game table this summer. Enjoy   Orion ************************************   So I recently built a custom board game … Continued

Outpost: Siberia Review A Cold, Bitter Death

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Co-op games have become very popular in the modern boardgaming hobby. Pandemic in particular was a huge success and has contributed to the growing popularity of boardgaming generally. The problem with co-op games is that they’re almost always essentially solo … Continued

Friday Review I'm On An Island!

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I just realized the main irony of Friday. It would be a great game to have with you if you were stuck on a desert island. It’s portable, a solo game, challenging, and replayable. Plus it’s about being stuck on … Continued

Seikatsu Review A Pleasant Stroll

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The name Seikatsu confuses me. The rulebook says that it is a Japanese word meaning “life”, but all of my life I have associated “katsu” with deliciously breaded and fried cutlets. I mean, if there’s anything more life-affirming than fried … Continued

Quantum Review Dice In Space

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It’s the kind of thing where you play it, and then wonder why no one had thought of it before. Quantum, above all else, is novel and elegant in its main conceit–essentially using dice for every task. Your dice act … Continued