Star Realms Review

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One of my biggest pet peeves in board gaming is the oversized box. Companies compete for prominence on limited shelf space by putting their games in too-large boxes, and it ends up being an annoyance to literally everyone except the … Continued

Podcast Episode 10: Mage Knight Rage Night!

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Our most heated debate yet! Join Marc, Matt, and Orion as we discuss the merits of Vlaada Chvatil’s massive adventure game: Mage Knight. Is it a masterpiece of design or merely “fine”? Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction     BONUS! … Continued

Satisficing A Portmanteau

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If you’ve taken an economics 101 class you probably know the idea–the ‘homo economicus’ rational being that pursues their own self interest and makes economic models neat and tidy. It’s the frictionless flat surface of economics. It helps us understand … Continued

Mage Knight Review A Bit Of Zen

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To those who have read the articles here or listened to the podcast, you will not be surprised to learn that I am a huge Vlaada Chvatil fan. Even the games I don’t think quite hit the mark (like Dungeon … Continued

Tzolk’in Review Time Is A Flat Circle

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A quick glance at the board and you’ll know exactly what kind of game Tzolk’in is. Right away. The kind of game covered in strange and unusual symbols, like ancient hieroglyphics. There are no words–literally. No words on the board … Continued