Hobbyist Media Code Of Ethics

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Hello, all. If you’ve been following The Thoughtful Gamer for a while you probably know that I’ve bought up the issue of publishers paying for reviews a few times, and I’m still kind of astounded at the ways this discussion … Continued

Tiny Towns Review

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Call me the board game Nostradamus. Back in December I got to demo Tiny Towns at PAX Unplugged and I predicted that it would be a hit. Now…well I don’t have sales numbers but it seems like there are a … Continued

Tussie Mussie Review

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Tussie Mussie is avialable on Kickstarter until 6/8/19 Full disclosure: Tussie Mussie won a design contest in which I participated. My game was far, far worse. I love the idea of creativity within boundaries. I suspect it’s because too much … Continued

4 GDC 2019 Talks Worth Your Time

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The board game design day at the Game Developer’s Conference has been a rousing success, if you’re judging it by its ability to produce quality talks. (In terms of interest at the conference, I suspect it’s done well since they’ve … Continued