4 GDC 2019 Talks Worth Your Time

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The board game design day at the Game Developer’s Conference has been a rousing success, if you’re judging it by its ability to produce quality talks. (In terms of interest at the conference, I suspect it’s done well since they’ve … Continued

Overview of Exceed: Street Fighter

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Writing about the new Street Fighter Exceed set has forced me to confront something I dread: my past writing. Nervously I searched for my original review of Exceed, fearing the idiocy of my past self. To my relief, despite some … Continued

Dr. Esker’s Notebook Review

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In my review of Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb I speculated about the naming ritual of calling such a puzzle game an “escape room”, it lacking what would seem to be the key criterion of escaping a room. Sure, there’s some … Continued

Crusaders Review

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How can I talk about Crusaders without discussing the theme? The Crusades are a deeply uncomfortable part of western history and while I’m fairly ignorant about much of that period, the combination of religious zealotry and state power seen there … Continued