Smoke and Mirrors Review

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Avid readers may recall my somewhat controversial review for Hunt For The Ring, where I talked about the fine line deduction games walk between giving too much information and not enough information. The key in a game like that is to … Continued

The Shipwreck Arcana Review

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I was walking through the Expo Hall at PAX East when I saw it. A small package, but alluring, with its milky-white…exterior. Okay, I can’t do this. Sometimes you sit down to write a board game review and can’t think … Continued

Tabletop Gaming Manual Review

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I have one of those fuzzy childhood memories of visiting my grandparents house and finding what I think was some kind of children’s encyclopedia. It was a delight to my knowledge-hungry child self. I remember learning all kinds of fun … Continued

The Castles of Burgundy Review Baroque

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I couldn’t quite believe it when I found out that I haven’t actually reviewed Castles of Burgundy before. I suppose I was remembering the strategy guide I wrote and assumed I had reviewed it also. But alas! No classic Thoughtful … Continued

Hunt For The Ring Review Corrupted

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A few years ago a ridiculous joke-game showed up at Origins called “Win, Lose, Banana”. The name of the game, helpfully, also functions as a list of the components: three cards labeled win, lose, and banana. It’s the ultimate distillation … Continued