Reigns: The Council Review

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Regins: The Council is on Kickstarter for 10 more days! What kind of bizarre, hilarious thought process resulted in the creation of Reigns? This quirky indie game combined witty storytelling with the user interface of tinder and it somehow worked. … Continued

Godsforge Review

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The best movie fight scenes are rarely about the fighting itself. When I think about the fight scenes most notably implanted in my mind, I think about the best of Star Wars: the emotional passion of Luke vs. the calculating … Continued

1846 Review

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Ever go to a board game con and look in the train room? Ever wonder why they dedicate entire rooms to train games? “What kind of people go in there” I used to wonder, steering myself subtly to the other … Continued

Vinhos Review

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Writing’s been tough the past couple of weeks. I’m hesitant to use the word “writer’s block” because that seems like a copout but the words certainly aren’t flowing out of me, and discouragement is quick to rise up. I get … Continued

Tiny Towns Review

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Call me the board game Nostradamus. Back in December I got to demo Tiny Towns at PAX Unplugged and I predicted that it would be a hit. Now…well I don’t have sales numbers but it seems like there are a … Continued

Tussie Mussie Review

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Tussie Mussie is avialable on Kickstarter until 6/8/19 Full disclosure: Tussie Mussie won a design contest in which I participated. My game was far, far worse. I love the idea of creativity within boundaries. I suspect it’s because too much … Continued

Overview of Exceed: Street Fighter

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Writing about the new Street Fighter Exceed set has forced me to confront something I dread: my past writing. Nervously I searched for my original review of Exceed, fearing the idiocy of my past self. To my relief, despite some … Continued

Crusaders Review

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How can I talk about Crusaders without discussing the theme? The Crusades are a deeply uncomfortable part of western history and while I’m fairly ignorant about much of that period, the combination of religious zealotry and state power seen there … Continued

Innovation Review

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I don’t know what Carl Chudyk looks like, but I picture him in mad scientist garb, cackling over card templates as he conjures up his latest game. He’s a designer who definitely has a style, and that style is dense … Continued

Big Dig Review

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Just look at the box cover of Big Dig and you’ll see why I jumped on a chance to review it. That woman is so excited she’s running recklessly with a pickax. No one’s ever been that happy in a … Continued