Captain Sonar Review SUBterfuge

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The sales pitch for Captain Sonar is ridiculously compelling. A real time game about battling submarine crews? Sold. Who doesn’t want to play that? Submarine battling is, as a game concept, inversely as awesome as I imagine real life submarine … Continued

Harvest Review

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Once, in the Ancient Times of board games (about 10 years ago), from the exotic lands of Germany, a game called Agricola was made. It was about farming, and also about misery and existential dread. Agricola is a masterpiece for … Continued

Looking At 2018

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Hello, faithful readers. I’ve posted a quick review of 2017 and some goals for 2018 over on my Patreon page. I think 2017 has been a great first year for The Thoughtful Gamer and I’m confident that 2018 will be even … Continued