Master of Wills Review

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After opening my review of SPQF talking about the slightly strange occurrences when two movies with very similar premises are released at the same time, I arrive, by complete happenstance, to this review of Master of Wills, a game that … Continued

PAX Unplugged 2018 Recap: Part 1

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I turned 29 during last month’s delightful PAX Unplugged, and I think this is the year where time really starts to accelerate, because it’s been an absolute blur since then. Even PAX felt like it was over too quickly. I … Continued

Anthelion Review

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Anthelion is on Kickstarter until 1/18/19 Some games feel open and comfortable. Whatever system the designer created feels like it could contain endless iteration and tweaking. You’ve got a general idea that it’s probably balanced, but there’s room in the … Continued

Podcast Episode 44: Aesthetics

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Marc, Matt, and Orion, three people who typically don’t care very much about the look of the games they’re playing talk about the games that do have remarkable visuals and design. What games’ aesthetics are so good or so bad … Continued

Welcome To Abstract Month!

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For 2019 I’ve decided to implement one major change for The Thoughtful Gamer. We’re doing themed months! January will focus on abstract games, and while everything isn’t set in stone, I will certainly be reviewing Tak and Santorini. I’ll also … Continued

SPQF Review

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In film there’s a bizarrely frequent occurrence where two movies with remarkably similar premises or inspirations will release at roughly the same time. Like, remember when we got two mediocre movies about the White House blowing up? Or that same … Continued