Tussie Mussie Review

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Tussie Mussie is avialable on Kickstarter until 6/8/19 Full disclosure: Tussie Mussie won a design contest in which I participated. My game was far, far worse. I love the idea of creativity within boundaries. I suspect it’s because too much … Continued

4 GDC 2019 Talks Worth Your Time

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The board game design day at the Game Developer’s Conference has been a rousing success, if you’re judging it by its ability to produce quality talks. (In terms of interest at the conference, I suspect it’s done well since they’ve … Continued

Overview of Exceed: Street Fighter

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Writing about the new Street Fighter Exceed set has forced me to confront something I dread: my past writing. Nervously I searched for my original review of Exceed, fearing the idiocy of my past self. To my relief, despite some … Continued