The Shipwreck Arcana Review

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I was walking through the Expo Hall at PAX East when I saw it. A small package, but alluring, with its milky-white…exterior. Okay, I can’t do this. Sometimes you sit down to write a board game review and can’t think … Continued

Podcast Episode 29: PAX East 2018

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PAX East expanded to 4 days from 3, and that means we got even more games played this year, including an absolute GEM of a game from CGE. We also rant about Jimmy Johns and, frankly, get extremely silly. Also, … Continued

Tabletop Gaming Manual Review

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I have one of those fuzzy childhood memories of visiting my grandparents house and finding what I think was some kind of children’s encyclopedia. It was a delight to my knowledge-hungry child self. I remember learning all kinds of fun … Continued

Lisboa First Impression

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Lisboa, Portuguese eurogame master Vital Lacerda’s newest design, is a visual and mechanical smorgasboard–a hodgepodge of player incentives, feedback loops, and iconography teetering on the brink of “too much!” Until, of course, you play through your first game. Then, thinking … Continued