Book Discussion: The Three Body Problem Part 2: The Dark Forest

Marc, Orion, and Matt continue their discussion of this incredible sci-fi trilogy. This time they’re talking about the 2nd book, which is probably the most divisive but also the most tightly constructed. As always, major SPOILER WARNING! We’re spoiling it all. If you have any interest, we recommend you read the books first. There’s sci-fi concepts in here as good as anything Asimov ever did.

1:36 – Translation differences 
3:14 – Cinematic feelings
6:21 – Not for the last time, we bring up scope
8:00 – Wallfacers
17:59 – Cosmic sociology
22:32 – Human sociology
28:00 – Droplet
33:50 – Dead man’s switch
35:54 – Matt’s gripes
41:21 – The dark forest

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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