Announcements! Streaming, RPG-cast, and more!

Hello, faithful readers!

I’ve been talking about this a bit on the podcast and on social media before, but I want to put all the pertinent information here in one place. It’s been an incredibly busy week here at The Thoughtful Gamer, as I received some video equipment that’ll make all of this possible, and I’ve been testing it out and getting accustomed to the software. But, I haven’t been so excited about the site before, and I think you’ll all enjoy the new stuff coming up.

1. I Need Your Questions!

First, I am planning a listener question podcast spectacular! Send me your questions, or even requests for what you’d like to see from The Thoughtful Gamer. They can be related to anything, not just board games. Want our opinions on books, movies….I’ll even consider politics if the question is reasonable. This is your chance to find out more about me and the rest of the podcasting crew. I’ll look for questions in the comments here, in my email (, and on this BGG guild forum post.

2. Looking for Podcast Interviews

Last week’s episode with Emil Larsen was a test of sorts for me. I’ve never interviewed anyone before and I wasn’t quite sure how I would enjoy it. Fortunately I had a fantastic time and I want to do more. So if you or someone you know is in the industry–designer, publisher, reviewer, artist, tester, and you think being on the podcast would be fun, shoot me an email. I think it’ll be quite interesting to pick people’s minds about board game design and the community around it.

3. Streaming

I will be streaming digital games twice a week starting next week. Every Monday at 8pm EST I’ll be playing some kind of digital board or card game (Twilight Struggle, Netrunner, Hearthstone, etc) and talking to you about the design, strategy, and whatever else comes to mind. Every Thursday at 3pm EST I’ll be streaming whatever piques my interest at that point in time–any kind of digital game. If you are at all interested, please subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on twitch–I’ll be streaming on both platforms.

4. Star Wars RPG Podcast and Stream!


I saved the best for last! Me, Matt, Ben, and newcomers Jeff and JR will be streaming live the first game of our awesome new RPG campaign using Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire system. If you want to catch it live, we’ll be streaming on both Twitch and YouTube at 4pm EST this Sunday (8/20). If you miss it, the recordings will be posted to both platforms. If you don’t care to watch, I’ll be cleaning up the audio and posting the sessions to the podcast in the off-weeks. So look for the first episode on the podcast on 8/30. I think this is going to be amazingly fun for everyone and I can’t wait for it to happen. No regular schedule for the live-streams, though, so make sure to follow The Thoughtful Gamer on social media and subscribe to the YouTube and/or Twitch channels. I will not be posting every update to the site.

Let me know what you think of these additions to the Thoughtful Gamer lineup below!

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