Godsforge Review

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The best movie fight scenes are rarely about the fighting itself. When I think about the fight scenes most notably implanted in my mind, I think about the best of Star Wars: the emotional passion of Luke vs. the calculating … Continued

1846 Review

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Ever go to a board game con and look in the train room? Ever wonder why they dedicate entire rooms to train games? “What kind of people go in there” I used to wonder, steering myself subtly to the other … Continued

Podcast Episode 54: Vital Lacerda

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Vital Lacerda is one of the most significant eurogame designers of the last decade, delivering consistently high quality complex games others can rarely match. In this episode Orion and Marc go through each of Lacerda’s games chronologically, evaluating them individually … Continued

Vinhos Review

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Writing’s been tough the past couple of weeks. I’m hesitant to use the word “writer’s block” because that seems like a copout but the words certainly aren’t flowing out of me, and discouragement is quick to rise up. I get … Continued

FAZA Preview

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FAZA is available on Kickstarter right now! A couple of years ago while wandering around PAX East Matt and I saw an Unpub booth and decided to help a designer out by playtesting their prototype. We found an open table … Continued