Podcast Episode 54: Vital Lacerda

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Vital Lacerda is one of the most significant eurogame designers of the last decade, delivering consistently high quality complex games others can rarely match. In this episode Orion and Marc go through each of Lacerda’s games chronologically, evaluating them individually … Continued

Vinhos Review

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Writing’s been tough the past couple of weeks. I’m hesitant to use the word “writer’s block” because that seems like a copout but the words certainly aren’t flowing out of me, and discouragement is quick to rise up. I get … Continued

FAZA Preview

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FAZA is available on Kickstarter right now! A couple of years ago while wandering around PAX East Matt and I saw an Unpub booth and decided to help a designer out by playtesting their prototype. We found an open table … Continued

Hobbyist Media Code Of Ethics

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Hello, all. If you’ve been following The Thoughtful Gamer for a while you probably know that I’ve bought up the issue of publishers paying for reviews a few times, and I’m still kind of astounded at the ways this discussion … Continued

Tiny Towns Review

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Call me the board game Nostradamus. Back in December I got to demo Tiny Towns at PAX Unplugged and I predicted that it would be a hit. Now…well I don’t have sales numbers but it seems like there are a … Continued

Tussie Mussie Review

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Tussie Mussie is avialable on Kickstarter until 6/8/19 Full disclosure: Tussie Mussie won a design contest in which I participated. My game was far, far worse. I love the idea of creativity within boundaries. I suspect it’s because too much … Continued