Seikatsu Review A Pleasant Stroll

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The name Seikatsu confuses me. The rulebook says that it is a Japanese word meaning “life”, but all of my life I have associated “katsu” with deliciously breaded and fried cutlets. I mean, if there’s anything more life-affirming than fried … Continued

Quantum Review Dice In Space

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It’s the kind of thing where you play it, and then wonder why no one had thought of it before. Quantum, above all else, is novel and elegant in its main conceit–essentially using dice for every task. Your dice act … Continued

Tokaido Review

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I don’t like to take walks, much to the chagrin of my doctor, who tells me I should probably exercise, like, at all. Talk to my wife and she’ll tell you how pointless it is to try to get me … Continued

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